Monday, February 25, 2013

Days Crawl, Time Flies.

 I can't believe how many days have passed. And yet it feels like yesterday.  Tomorrow it will be a month and yet it feels like one day. The days have crawled along slowly, each as horrifically sad as the other. Time has flown by. All willy nilly without a moment of empathy or sympathy for those of us stuck in a rut of some form or other.
Everyday you remember, feel, relive conversations and interactions and in doing so, you look at the clock and the minutes have gone as if in a whirlwind.  People say, 'time heals' and that's really meant to be comforting, but I don't think its true. I think time teaches you how to bury your emotions. It teaches you how to adjust your mask so no one sees exactly how you feel. Time, gives you the moments to prepare for your Oscar winning performance.  Where you're able to pretend all is well and life goes on a usual. And it does. In those slow dragging days it is best to find something to occupy your mind while your soul and spirit heals. Time won't let you forget, but it will help the remembering not be as painful.


Ed Drury said...

Very well expressed indeed. I hope the coming days treat you kinder and the passage of time heals your soul and spirit. I've long held the theory that only a broken heart can be open and a heart that is open can receive the love it needs to heal. Keep writing, keep going, do whatever it is that your heart wants.

Ey Wade said...

Thanks Ed. It seems to help me when I write something.I keep trying to be concious of my family's feelings...rhey're fonna have ro handle it their way.