Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whine and Cry. Somebody Turn on the Lights

Thank God for a place to be a crybaby. I am so damned irritated at the way things are going on in life. None of the choices I have made to better things are working out. Within the past two weeks I quite the job from hell, have gone on two interviews, did a 'try out' day and nothing has happened. I am now down to keeping a single child in my home and basically making $150 a week. Even though that is a far cry from nothing I still want to say...What the hell!

I thought moving to Houston would be a step up from living in Beaumont, but this is the same as when I moved to Baytown. Not a damned thing is working. To make things sooooo much worse the lights keep going off. For hours on end we sit with no electricity. The most frustrating thing about this is that there is nothing visible that can be causing this problem and the neighbors across the street and behind us have their lights while we remain in the dark. So that just goes to show even the choice of this town home was a terrible one to make. What do I do now? My thought is to pack everything in a big truck and move back to Beaumont. The other thought is, where? I think what I am going to do is get my car fixed, go and stay with my mom for a while and search for a job out there. While there secure me somewhere to live and then pack my stuff and move on back. Then I just wonder if I am a big crybaby and one that runs whenever trouble hits. What the hell?

I kind of like it out here in Houston...way in the under developed part of Harris county. Every time I get in the car to go somewhere its like a trip. The basic stores are so close and everything else is about twenty to an hour away. What a trip. And then the fact Gillean lives out here is a big draw. I just don't know what to do. I keep seeing good things happening on the horizon and as I get closer the horizon scoots back a few miles. What the hell?

Karra will be leaving on tomorrow to go and live with my mom so she can finish her last two semesters at Lamar and I still haven't gotten my car fixed. This will be a challenge for me. I'm really not in the mood for a challenge.

I wish someone could handle my life for a little while and fix it. I wish someone could make it better or give a hand, even if it is just an encouraging hand and not one that keeps saying, 'well others have it worse'. I'm sure they do and if I could fix theirs I would. I wish someone would just turn on the damned lights.

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