Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What's in a Job?

I have finally quite the job from hell. Dabola, whom I secretly called diablo lost her mind on Friday. She honestly thought she would keep qualified staff for the mere payment of $7.00 an hour. The woman didn't even have the common sense to raise the wage to minimum. What really got me was how she knew she needed workers, but only wanted to get applications from Mexicans. None ever came to her place. Even when I told her some really good people had applied she said yeah, but they were only Black and White. Idiot.

This woman hates the United States so much that she even refuses to put her business into the banking system because she thinks it is wrong to have to pay taxes when she doesn't have a filled center. I truly think it is unfair to be able to come into our country as an immigrant, reap the benefits and then not follow the rules. The hardest thing to put up with is the knowledge these people all know the system and how to bypass the red tape.

Diablo was written up big time when Child Care Licensing came to inspect the building and she was livid. Not because the things were ligit, but because she felt the licensing rep was an idiot and needed mental help. Her words. She also believes she knows the rules better than anyone and she would have pulled out the book and made the rep change her findings. If baby beds are touching it is against the rules plan and simple. Dabola wanted the infant cribs together and I could tell her no different....I can't tell you how glad I am this job is over.

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