Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pushing Myself

I can't even tell you how long it took me to get this movie together. For one thing I could only work when it was 'my time' to be on the desktop. I no longer have my own laptop so I am at the mercy of getting up before the sun or trying to type in my sleep. I went to a few months ago (before the great lap top loss) and chose and bought the people I thought were perfect for the book. Unfortunately I couldn't just pick anyone for the villain, it didn't seem right. Just this morning I found a song (for free) and when I dropped it in Movie Maker it fit perfectly.

I love the book The Perfect Solution because it is about something I truly know. I have seen so many stupid and careless things while working in the childcare profession that sometimes I just want to run with my hands in the air and scream. Tomorrow I work from 11:30-6 in a new center. All I can say is...God help me to be able to make writing a full time profession.

1 comment:

Jess said...

Really, really good. Builds with tension. Love the pictures of your characters--especially the little boy. Where did you find free music?
You are so talented!!