Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lord, can I please have a break. Don't just shine your blessings of a sunny day just on the land of the Earth. Would you please, please give me a break and show me some favor. What good is life when nothing good happens in life? What good is life when all around me are falling ill and funds have been depleted and You are not helping to pull me out of the hole. You, better than I know I can't help myself. I feel as if I have stepped out of the boat in to neck high waters and You have forgotten my name. I am tired, Lord.

Will You please look my way and remember me because I am trying hard to hold on to Your hand and remember You are there. I need a break.

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Lisa said...

I can so feel you on this post today. But He is faithful. Keep trusting Him my friend; He will come through for you!