Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Well, the boys are gone. Their dad came to get them late Sunday night. He had called and said he would come on Sunday and I had them ready all day, just before bedtime he arrived.

The mom, anxious to keep up with a man who wants nothing to do with her had spent the entire Sunday afternoon instant messaging a grammatically murdered rant about the man. For over two months we'd had limited conversation with her and when it looked like the dad would be coming she couldn't stop sending messages. No, she wasn't worried about the children this was just a way to talk about the dad. I was so glad to see him at the door.

Yesterday, the dad called me four times within two hours. Another shock, this was as many times as he had called the entire time the children were living here. Apparently, instead of going to Beaumont with the little guys (a two hour trip) he decided to go to Woodville (even further)and the alternator on the car broke. This thirty year old man has a souped-up Impala with a stereo system that takes up the entire trunk space, gorgeous rims (she paid for), video screens throughout, a navigational system and nothing else to his name. No job, no food, no money. He's stuck in a town bumming money from an elderly dad living in a nursing home. Idiot.

I couldn't figure out why he was calling me and then it dawned. Each time he called he asked whether I had heard from the mother. When I did hear from the mom and told her how the children had been stranded with their dad in the cold, she spouted no regret for the children. She just killed the English language with further insults about the man. From what I could gather these idiots are using the children as a tool to fuel an argument. Whoever has them is the 'better' parent. In the end the silly mom boiled it all down to, she cares nothing about the dad and she has been talking to someone else for the past three months. The exact amount of time the boys have been gone . Neither worry about the children. Idiot too.

I asked the dad how the potty training was going and he said he had them in diapers. That idiot had the nerves to say he told the boys to just use it in their diapers. Well, there goes my work and their progress. One night and they are back in diapers.
I feel so sorry for all of those children. I wish they could pack their bags and runaway from home.

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