Friday, December 4, 2009

I Can't Even Think of a Title

In the last few years December has grown to be my unfavorite time of the year. Four years ago I bought a huge 10 feet artificial Christmas tree to celebrate surviving Hurricane Rita and the possible adoption of a little boy we had reared from infancy well he was taken back and given to someone who gave him to someone else (I learned life goes on) , last year I lost my home and home-based business and moved to a new and bigger city with much promise( I learned I need to learn more)  and in two weeks we have to be out of the place we are in now. Can I just write a book?

I learned my daughters are resilient and intelligent. Gillean has bought a house. At twenty-three she is the proud owner of a three bedroom home with an in ground pool. I am learning a lot from her.

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Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I can't believe you are moving. It just seems like yesterday you settle in. This is the reality ... nothing stays the same. I hope you get my Christmas card at this address. Let me know where you settle.