Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Crutch or a Wall?

How can you decide whether or not you are a crutch (someone who is an aid) or a wall (someone who lets a person lean on them as they are being lazy and irresponsible) to a person?

Last night I had decided I was going to call the twins father and tell him he had to come and get his boys. My keeping them has turned into an act of super convenience for him because he is not working or going to school.

This morning I talked to the father and found out he is about to have his lights turned off, phone turned off  and since he has no job he may end up homeless. What does that mean about the boys?

A CRUTCH:  Begins the care of the twins because both of their parents are unemployed, the father was in college and the mother was on medication for depression. The mother (living in another state) also has custody of two other little children. The hope is to give the mom a break and the father a hand.

A WALL: The parents have to be called and reminded to keep in contact with their children. Neither parent supplies needed items for the children and this includes food. Father quits school, still not working and doesn't take back children. The parent intends to sell the food stamps supplied to feed the children.
Am I a crutch or a wall?

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Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I think you are neither a crutch or the wall. I know you are a kind hearted person trying to do what is right. But is keeping the kids the right thing to do? The best thing to do for the kids is get them a permanent home. Either adopt them or become legal guardian or foster parent. The last two you can get some financial support which you deserve.