Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And Santa Cried

The boys were supposed to go to their dad for the weekend and then to Arkansas to spend Christmas with their mom, brother and sister. The mother instant messaged to say the grandmother doesn't want them to come because she doesn't want her water bill to go up. Seems the older brother is finally going to have cornea surgery after two years of blindness in his right eye from neglect of pink-eye.

I'm miserable for them. I'm sitting here listening to Third Day's  song Revelation. The course begs for a revelation on what to do in life. It's a good thing the boys are so young and know nothing about Christmas. We hadn't even put up a tree or the decorations. everything sits boxed in the garage and worse I wasn't buying presents because it is just 'tight' this year. I'm really mad at their family.

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