Friday, September 18, 2009

When is Maturity a 'Good' Thing?

Okay, I am so over "My Precious" not working. Oh, hell I'm lying. I want it back like it was. Playlists in tack and everything. I want the warm fuzzy feeling I used to get when I looked at it. I have tried my best to duplicate as much as possible what contents were on the Ipod, but it just isn't the same. When I go to watch a certain movie I have to remember it is not there. The same with the songs and videos. If I were a baby I would throw the thing against the wall or trade it for a laptop. I have to remember things change, I can endure and life goes on. Most of the time change is not what we want, but it mostly is always for the best.

Which makes me think of some of the entertainers who have changed their lives and are basically begging the world to give them another chance.  After reading this article "When Singers Can't Sing Their Songs"and the following comments this morning I was particularly upset about the callous way a persons feelings are dismissed. The most dangerous weapon in the world is the word. A person can die by the knife or gun or whatever way another wants to hurt a person, but a word will live in a persons soul and spirit for eternity. Especially if another heard or read it and repeats it. The word travels on and on.

I am all for the second chance and I especially am very happy for Whitney Houston. I have always loved her singing and care nothing about her so say not singing the way she 'used' to sing. Time and life changes. I should hope she would sing in her more mature attitude and change of life than as the young naive being she used to be. My daughters and I have discussed the singing of Mary J. Blige and though I like her voice and was (in my youth) enamored with the way she would sing I can no longer relate to her. In my opinion a person of her age needs to stop singing about the chasing of men and the tug-of-war between her man and his other women. Grow up for goodness sakes and sing about mature adult relationships.

The same attitude for non-tolerance for change seen in the public eyes goes all the way to the public temper tantrums those in the media's eyes are showing. I am a little stunned, but people do get angry. The thing that is being forgotten is that such outbursts have their own arena, it is in your own home. I feel as embarrassed for them as I do for the mother standing over a screaming, foaming mouth kid in the stores. What can you do? When you are say in Congress, the White House, on television shut it up and turn off your mic, don't steal another person's  mic, hold on to your golf club and hold in the profanity and mom, either pick up the kid and walk out nonchalantly or handle your business.  Geeze, can we all just grow up?

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