Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Rant on Working

Okay, I thank God daily that I do have a job because so many are without, but in the same breath I also question the new face of employers. It is a no wonder to the great stamina of man to continue working in this day and age. I have noticed the owners of businesses no longer value their employees. You can not count on your job to be there tomorrow because there is no loyalty. There is always someone new and i guess pliable because I am too old for this. It seems the worker is no more important than the multitude of cows in the field. You have a purpose, to be used, and that is it. I was watching an episode of King of the Hill where Hank was being showed the cows in a field by a naturalist. The guy was talking about how beautiful the cows were and basically praising them as we would our pets and in the next breath stated how good they were going to look being led to slaughter. They were just a commodity. It made me think of my job.
I work with children. The employer, An African, and I make this distinction because she has a habit of separating herself from my 'American' Africanism by saying 'your people' when talking about Black people (prejudice really has no color)in general. Kind of irritates me because she seems to see me as 'lower'.

Anyway the employer tends to work by the number of children in the center. She doesn't care about the quality of care given to the children just the numbers. This means children are switched from room to room to keep ratio low so she can send the employees home. The woman is cheap and conniving. In any given day you can work from 1-6 hrs. Not a good thing if you are trying to LIVE! The other day I clocked out a little late because I was cleaning (no janitorial service) and had to give a couple of tours and the next morning the woman complained. I was like 'what the hell'. It's not that I was over the time the center closed, but because I had one infant left in my room and should have handed her off and left. It was 4:30.

This particular center I am working in is basically new, it has 10 children. I have been there 3 wks. I work alone from 8-12, sometimes at 10 she calls someone in. It depends on the number of children. When I say alone I mean alone. No one else in the building. I have worked alone before (in my home) but not with 5 babies and six walkers ages 2-5. This means if potential customers come in I have to leave the children, give out information and try to give a tour and be positive about the matter while there is a little demon seed enrolled in the center who does everything imaginable to get attention. Think of having a two year old that must have sugar for his blood. Things are so bad with him, two parents of infants threatened to disenroll their infants during their first week. Last week the employer let the only other worker go without notice because of the complaint as if it were the worker's fault she worked the evenings alone and the little seed is there until 6:30 p.m. I now have a two hour lunch break so I can basically fool the parents by being there in the mornings and evenings. The lies this woman tells. She hired another person and told the parents she has worked with the girl before. Yeah, three days. Yesterday, this young lady said she is ready to quite. Yesterday my 2 hr. lunch break was spent working (I called myself saving gas by staying in the building)because the child would let anyone in the center sleep. Babies were crying, walkers were running and people were coming for tours. I really wanted to sit back and do nothing, but there was only one other person in the building.

The owner charges $100 for curriculum fee and in reality we don't even have a workbook to make copies from. The center looks beautiful because everything is bought for show, but in essence there is nothing for the children to do. She says she feeds breakfast, but if the child is brought in a minute after 8 she says not to feed them because breakfast is over at 8. Everything is a flipping sham.

This morning I think I will tell her this is my last week.