Saturday, April 25, 2009


I'm so irritated with life at the moment I can't even think. Within this week alone I have asked myself at least a dozen times..."when will life get better?"

The repetition of hole after hole is getting boring. Nothing I do for myself seems to be working. The move to Houston, thought sometimes I am happy here, seems no different than living in Beaumont. There is still no steady income which causes me to worry about food and utilities. The house here is nicer but exists because of FEMA. At least it doesn't rain in here and it is neither hot nor cold.

I won't lie to myself and say all the trite things I have heard others say, things like at least you're not homeless, or dead, or without a limb, without utilities, without....

I'm just irritated, so I lie to myself with the words--it can only get better.

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