Thursday, April 30, 2009

And the Rain Falls

The other day it rained so hard it made me glad we are now in the town home. I was still looking up constantly though with the paranoid attitude and fear of waiting for the rain to come through the ceiling.

The fear of the ceiling caving in and my life falling apart are one in the same. At the moment nothing I am doing in life is working. My writing is not being fruitful and all endeavors I have made to gain employment is useless. By evening all I can do is wonder how we are going to survive into the next month. I have had no income since the end of last month. No bills have been paid accept for rent and tomorrow it comes due again. What can I do?

This reminds me painfully of when I moved to Baytown. Big time dejavu. We were full of hope then too. New apartment, job set before moving and the sun was shining. Within a few short weeks, dark clouds rolled in and the rain began to fall.
'm either crying or it is relentlessly raining again.

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